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Tootsie Pops Bring Joy in Kazakhstan!

Canyon Hills Community Church Shares Tootsie Pops to Bring Smiles to the Young and Old.

Tootsie Pops have been giving to joy to little children and many others in the country of Kazakhstan. We have made 8 trips there over the past several years and take a large supply with us each time. Some of my favorite photos and special moments have centered around your great candy product.

Most of the photos are from the orphanage at Kara-Kastek where we've been 3 times and hope to return in 09. All of the children there are 7 and under. Other photos are from rural villages, such as the photo of the youngest Tootsie-Pop kid and also the grandmothers. The Tootsie Pops are an absolsute favorite everywhere we go over there! Don't think we'd ever try to show up without them.

- Michael S., Canyon Hills Community Church, Bothell, WA, USA