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Tootsie receives thousands of letters every year from candy lovers around the world. No matter the age or background, everyone has a favorite Tootsie Roll memory.

Discover some of the most memorable Tootsie-related stories, images, and videos here, and share your story too!

Rosalie Lindholm

October 23, 2019

I'm a 73 year old great=grandma. I've always loved Tootsie Pops, but mostly for the chocolate center. Recently I bought a whole bag of them in the bulk foods section of my supermarket, for Halloween. Wow! You've added new hard candy…more

Anita Hanft

August 26, 2019

I am the family coordinator for Good Grief Princeton, a nonprofit that offers free peer support groups for kids who have lost a mom or dad or brother or sister. When I first meet these families, I always have a bowl of Tootsie Roll Pops on my…more

Jean M

April 26, 2019

One of the happiest nights after hurricane Maria is when I opened an MRE and found a TOOTSIE ROLL. I made it last for two days. <3


April 23, 2019

I'm sitting here studying for my computer science finals and snacking. I mixed my Cajun roasted peanuts with the Charleston Chew minis and was completely blown away. Spicy is 'in' right now. Take advantage of it and make some spicy…more

Tootsie Fan

December 28, 2018

Hi I have a fish named Toothy, it is pretty similar to Tootsie.

Caleb A

December 21, 2018

Hello Tootie Pop fans. I have great news. Yesterday I found out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. It takes and estimated 2500 licks. It took me about half an hour to do this task. I spent most of my class time doing…more

Skip Williams

Skip Williams

December 9, 2018

Tootsie Roll in Thin Air! Yesterday at our Cocoa Beach Christmas Parade, someone shared this photo they took of me and my wife Karen throwing candy. In the upper left of the photo is a Tootsie Roll suspended in mid air. It wasn't…more

Sarah! At the disco

October 10, 2018

I have a huge jar filled with dubblebubble gum in my room and I always take one when I’m studying and my friends always give their dubblebubble gum because they know I love it.

Sam Reskala

October 5, 2018

Andes Mints is what gets me through a hard day at work, they are not only supremely exquisite, but they also leave you feeling refreshed with that amazing mint-chocolate dynamic duo combo!

Jennifer Cottner

Jennifer Cottner

September 5, 2018

I was eating lunch in the park and noticed a squirrel running up the tree with something in its mouth. I looked closer and realized it was a Tootsie Roll. I proceeded to observe as he unwrapped and ate his dessert!


September 5, 2018

Thank you for making Andes & Junior Mints, nut & gluten free. I can finally enjoy chocolate without worry. :)


July 23, 2018

I think that a great blow pop flavor would be pineapple. You should also do a special edition where you have different flavored gum in the blow pops.


July 12, 2018

It took me 783 licks to get to the center of the tootsie pop while watching Monsters Inc.


May 31, 2018

My mom is a teacher, and every day after school I was excited to visit her in her classroom because she had a big bag of tootsie pops for her students. My sister and I would always try and get our favorite flavors.

Neila Rose

April 4, 2018

It took me 2800 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop. I used 1 medium sized lick around each side of the pop. It took a long time.

Caitlin Oestreich

March 7, 2018

I did a how many licks does it take to get in the middle of the tootsie pop and it took me 820licks


April 25, 2018


Mr. Tranell's Period 6 Science Class

November 30, 2017

It took our class an average of 359 licks for miniatures, but we also calculated the mode and median, both of which were 310 licks for the miniatures


November 21, 2017

It took me 350 licks to get to the center i really want the blueberry flavor back though or the strawberry hmm

Judith Elliott

October 4, 2017

Almost 10 years ago I was put on dialysis. As patients, we try all kinds of ways to pass the time. When you're stuck in a chair for 4 hours you try all kinds of things. One of my favorite thing to do is sucking on Tootsie Roll Pops. I try to…more

Lacy Burleson

October 2, 2017

When I was a kid we would go to "little okie" to Merl's store, and old man Merl would give us a free tootsie pop if we had the indian with the star wrapper!! It was fun trying to be the lucky one with the wrapper. We always thought…more


October 13, 2017

Thanks to Tootsie Pops, I've quit smoking! You should really think about adding that to the marketing, I'm in lots of quit smoking forums and whatnot and there's a lot of people who do the same. Thank you!

Ms. Sorensen's Mythbusters Class

September 20, 2017

We completed the Toostie Pop Challenge to find the number of licks to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop. We found that it took an average of 627 licks!


August 29, 2017

It makes me so happy to open a college care package and see a bag of tootsie rolls!

Brian who is called

May 21, 2017

A few days ago at work there was a dish of Tootsie Pops in the office. There were several lemon flavored suckers. I was ecstatic! I hadn't seen that flavor in over 45 years. I'm glad it was brought back.

Peyton jackson

June 11, 2017

It took 3083 licks together to the center of the tootsie roll


March 29, 2017



May 1, 2015

Growing up in the 70s I had a toy that made tootsies into shapes - not the whistle maker. It came with the fruit flavored tootsies. At first I was disappointed that they weren't the chocolate flavor tootsies but now one of my favorite flavors…more


March 30, 2015

We as a company have attempted so many prizes for our "games" in our training program and not a single prize gets more reaction and happiness than the tootsie pops, truly of all ages and all these many years tootsie pops are still…more

Christine Burkle

February 4, 2015

Each Christmas I make candy wreaths.. the biggest hit is the flavored tootsie rolls. I usually start shopping for them in October..otherwise by thanksgiving I have trouble finding them .. Each year the first question is did you find the flavored…more


February 1, 2015

I was a smoker for many many years (4 packs a day) I tried everything to quit and nothing worked then I bought a bag of blow pops and thanks to that I have not had a cigarette for six months bought many bags of blow pops so thanks tootsie for…more


January 14, 2015

I think everything bout the tootsie roll is interesting...! I even choose this topic for history day!


January 5, 2015

I took the challenge of licking to the center of a tootsie pop and fill out a miniature notebook with tally marks and got 4,115 licks to get to the chocolate and 6,909 to the stick... My tongue was red and numb... But I did it!



January 4, 2015

For my science fair project, pretty cool!

Demonte Gordon

September 19, 2014

Hello my name is Demonte Gordon. When i was 1 years old my first lollipop was a Tootsie roll pop. Every since then i have been eating them and i also think they is the best lollipops ever. When i go to the store with my mommy and daddy i make…more

Glen Bohlander

August 30, 2014

There is a man who cashiers at a small grocery store in our small town of Hamilton MT. Every customer that checks out at his register is greeted with a big smile and then he extends his hand and give the customer a tootsie roll. What's…more

Cherise Jenkins

September 1, 2014

It took me 1763 licks to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop.


August 1, 2014

One of my fondest childhood memories is of Cella's chocolate covered cherries. When I was growing up my parents had 5 children and Christmas was a little sparce. My dad would usually make us some homemade toys, which we all loved--but I…more



June 26, 2014

Loved the DOTS triangle game! I wanted to let the community know that there are actually three solutions to the game.... Great candy and really fun math!


June 22, 2014

Tootsie Rolls are the BOMB!!!


June 14, 2014

One time my sister left her halloween candy out and I took every tootsie roll she had.

Anastazia Tynio

June 8, 2014

I was bored and in the car and I had a pop with me and I started to lick it. My total is 2,627. It took me an hour and a half.

Tootsie Pops by Alden.williamson

May 28, 2014

I love your tootsie pops. They are the best. I love them so much but the tootsie roll is the best part.

Miss Hergenrider's First Grade

May 28, 2014

Our class is learning about the process of making and the history of Tootsie Rolls. Our class thinks they look and taste really good! We are wondering, how many years it took to know what ingredients go into a Tootsie Roll? We are about to…more

Dubble Bubble sotry by Reid Holtmeier

May 28, 2014

Once upon a time there was a little dubble bubble gum walking along the forest. Then all of the sudden a boy picks him up and eats him.

Daniel's bubble gum story...

May 28, 2014

One day someone wanted bubble gum so he got bubble gum. When he got bubble gum someone stole his bubble gum! He called the bubble police. The police caught the robber. The end.

Dubble Bubble, by Evanglinelillywilson

May 28, 2014

I love the prodoct Dubblebubble with 8 colors

Bella Musolino May 28,2014

May 28, 2014

My favorite tootsie roll are the ones that are like green , pink and blue.

Sugar Babies in Iraq

Sugar Babies in Iraq

March 24, 2014

The U.S. Army Enjoys Sugar Babies   Tootsie Roll Industries: I just recieved the large box of Sugar babies, and wanted to tell you my sincere appreciation. I brought a box with me to work the next day and handed them out. People…more

Tootsie Pops in Vietnam

Tootsie Pops in Vietnam

March 25, 2014

A Letter from a Vietnam Veteran "The enclosed picture was taken in April of 1970 in the Republic of South Vietnam. One of the guys parents sent some Tootsie Pops from home. We thought the picture would be something…more

The Candy That Saved the Marines

The Candy That Saved the Marines

March 26, 2014

A Korean War Veterans' Tale of Courage and Candy

Love By Tootsie Roll?

March 2, 2008

Love By Tootsie Roll? A Letter Celebrating 53 Years of Marriage that started with a Tootsie Roll! During the Blizzard of 1950, which effected Ohio and surrounding states November 23-27, everything was shut down, delightfully including…more

Tootsie Pops Bring Joy in Kazakhstan!

Tootsie Pops Bring Joy in Kazakhstan!

April 5, 2012

Canyon Hills Community Church Shares Tootsie Pops to Bring Smiles to the Young and Old. Tootsie Pops have been giving to joy to little children and many others in the country of Kazakhstan. We have made 8 trips there over the past several…more

Jesse McArdiane

October 10, 2014

My family and I are so happy that you made Tootise Pops. My family and I love them. Thanks alot for making them come to life. BYE!

Tootsie Roll Tootsie POP Inspired Fashion

Tootsie Roll Tootsie POP Inspired Fashion

August 5, 0201

Designer Sarah Morin and Her Recent Fashion Creation Thanks so much for your help in the creation of this one-of-a-kind dress. I could not have done it with out the generosity of your company. I am the designer and am in the black dress.…more

Jill Bradley

Jill Bradley

December 13, 2014

My grand daughter Indira, age 11 made a gingerbread log cabin using colorful Tootsie rolls for the roof and traditional brown TR for the walls.

Valerie Gross

November 28, 2014

At 13 months old, my husband and I, found out that our daughter was allergic to peanuts. I thought too myself that she couldn't enjoy candy like other kids. Then around Christmas time I was looking at the candy for at least something to put…more



November 7, 2014

During one of my classes, I decided to test and see how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie pop. The first side took about 900 licks and the second side took about 800 licks. I have came to the conclusion that it takes…more

Layla Kennedy

June 29, 2014

It took me 9812 licks to get to the center of the tootsie pop. It took me around 2 1\2 hours to finish. It was worth it

tootsie fan flavor

March 31, 2015

Each time I go to the store and spend father and daughter time I love getting a tootsie roll pop they are just like I want them.



April 11, 2015

If you are feeling creative - try some of these fruit tootsie recipes: Orange Creme: 1 Whole Orange Tootsie 1/2 Vanilla Tootsie Cherry Limeade: 1/2 cherry 1/2 lemon 1/2 vanilla 1 whole lime *With clean hands* manipulate desired flavors until soft…more

Anne Shaffer

May 12, 2015

My husband has been going through radiation and chemo treatments at the Hershey Cancer Institute. All of the nurses and technicians love us because we hand out Caramel Apple Pops. Everyone seems to love them! I've even given some to the…more

Jane Conrad

October 21, 2015

I want to share a Tootsie Roll Pops story with you. I am the President of Sponsor The Troops. ( or find us here on Facebook. One of the Chaplains we supported in Afghanistan would pray with the troops before they went out…more

Vicki Anderson

Vicki Anderson

October 30, 2015

I wont 1st prize at our work pumpkin decorating contest! :) (And no I didnt find the idea on Pintrest.. its an original! :) WOOT!

Marie Dalton

November 1, 2015

I just want to give a big THANK YOU to your company. I tried to quit smoking 3x over many years & just couldn't "kick the habit" and then I decided to try Tootsie Pop suckers, (and the drops when I was at work in an office).…more

Vera Langston

June 21, 2016

In 1977, I was a young wife of an US Airman. We lived off base in Italy. The base was so small it did not carry my favorite candy --- Tootsie Pops & Tootsie Rolls. My parents sent me a shipment every month for over a year. It sure made it…more

Cameron Dixon

Cameron Dixon

July 20, 2016

This is my grand niece Cameron Josephine Dixon. And she can't get enough of Dubble Bubble. She wants to be your spokesperson!

beatrice L

July 31, 2019

my dad and i always pack tootsie rolls in each others lunch as a little surprise and overtime i find one it brightens my day and makes me think of my dad.

Angela P

November 9, 2019

I was watching a re-run of unwrapped 2.0 (season 3 episode 7) and saw how Sugar Daddy’s were made and it took me right back to my childhood! I am the youngest of 6 and my older brother were involved in baseball so I spent my summer at the…more


February 1, 2020

Well, Halloween 2019 there was the Kincade fire. We went to Lake Tahoe and at the store they let us have a free Tootsie Pop.