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Angela P

I was watching a re-run of unwrapped 2.0 (season 3 episode 7) and saw how Sugar Daddy’s were made and it took me right back to my childhood! I am the youngest of 6 and my older brother were involved in baseball so I spent my summer at the baseball fields one of the parents, Mr Martin could see my boredom so he would bring two Sugar Daddy’s to a game and would say “let see if we can finish these by the 9th inning” and at the bottom of each inning we would compare our Sugar Daddy’s. That summer Sugar Daddy had a “win a bike contest”. At the end of each game Mr Martin would have me fill out each contest ticket and he would mail them off, being we ate a ton of Sugar Daddy’s there was a lot of tickets with my name on them and I won that bike!! This is one of my favorite memory’s as a kid, I was so proud of my bike!! I rode that bike for years!! Mr Martin passed away some time ago and I think of his kindness often. Thank you Sugar Daddy for this great memory!!