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One of my fondest childhood memories is of Cella's chocolate covered cherries. When I was growing up my parents had 5 children and Christmas was a little sparce. My dad would usually make us some homemade toys, which we all loved--but I always knew, that no matter what, there would be a box of Cella's Chocolate covered cherries, wrapped under the tree. It was the one of the only things that I could count on in my childhood, and I looked so forward to it. I would put the box in the freezer and eat them very sparingly so that the memory of Christmas would last. I had a special way of eating them. I would eat the crisp, hard bottom first, and then suck out the liquid center and cherry, next I ate the shell. It was a tradition that carried on well into my adulthood. When my dad passed away in 1990 my husband carried on the tradition. I can never see a box of Cella's without thinking of my dad. Another thing that simply will not do, is another brand of Chocolate covered cherries. I have tried them but they are certainly not the same.