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Love By Tootsie Roll?

Love By Tootsie Roll?

A Letter Celebrating 53 Years of Marriage that started with a Tootsie Roll!

During the Blizzard of 1950, which effected Ohio and surrounding states November 23-27, everything was shut down, delightfully including schools. Roads were impassable. My friend, Linda's boyfriend, Paul's dad owned a tractor AND an authentic sleigh including sleigh bells!

Paul and his friend, Jim, who had been "snowed home" from college during Thanksgiving break, plowed through the roads to our little town of Trotwood, OH, picking up the brave souls, of which I was one, willing to take the sleigh ride to Linda's country home, where her dad provided a steep hill, icing it down just right for sledding and skiing. Many hours of winter frolicking and memory making were enjoyed.

Following the snow fun, a warm kitchen was offered, where hot cocoa and snacks were shared, including a bowl of penny (then!) Tootsie Rolls. Linda was licking on one, getting my rapt attention. When she realized I was watching her, she extended her treat and asked, "Want a Tootsie Roll?". I refused her generous (?) offer. Jim picked up an unwrapped one, offered it to me saying, "Want a Tootsie Roll?". I said yes, took it, unwrapped it and began relishing it's delicious goodness. A chorus of OOOs and Ahhhs went up and the teasing began. Soon the roads were open; school and college resumed.

Then came Christmas vacation. Jim asked me out, I accepted, and for the next four years we dated while high school and college diplomas were earned. We married November 6, 1954, celebrating 53 wonderful years last week. Needless to say, special occasions are marked with gifts of Tootsie Rolls. I shudder to think what direction our lives may have taken were it not for that bowl of Tootsie Rolls nearly 57 years ago! They are just as good today, along with Tootsie Pops. Thank you, Tootsie Rolls, Inc. ~


Rosie (MRS. Jim) Happensack