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Jane Conrad

I want to share a Tootsie Roll Pops story with you. I am the President of Sponsor The Troops. ( or find us here on Facebook. One of the Chaplains we supported in Afghanistan would pray with the troops before they went out on missions. He wanted to find something that they could "touch" while out on a mission that would remind them of the prayer they said together before leaving, and decided to us Tootsie Roll Pops. We sent literally 1000s of Tootsie Roll Pops to him. His soldiers called them "God Pops", and when they would see him around base, they would say "Hey Chaplain Rick, do you have any more of those God Pops". He even sent me a picture of one of the guys that has Tootsie Roll Pops stuck in his flack jacket so he could get to them quickly. He looked like a Christmas tree. We continue to support Rick, because he and his Church support the Wounded Warriors at Fort Benning, GA. And, now he has started to share "God Pops" when he prays with them. I just sent him 200 to replenish his supply. I thought you at Tootsie Roll would like to hear this story. As Rick recently told us..."you may think that it is a small thing, but when you support the troops, you improve their morale, and just may have saved their life." Sponsor the Troops | 501(c)3 Non-profit organization ..